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Old Odysseys

YearLocationOrganising branch
2019Bridgetown (this year)Mandurah-Murray
2018Frost Park Raceway Mount BarkerGreat Southern
2016Irwin Recreation Oval in DongaraWarnbro Sound Wanderers
2015Moora Footy Oval and Recreation CentreJoodalup
2014Kookaburra Caravan Park BusseltonWarnbro Sound Wanderers
2013Merredin Recreation & Leisure CentrePerth
2012DenmarkGreat Southern
2011Wagin Show GroundsArmadale
2010Capricorn Resort YanchepBare Bones (Joint)
2008Geraldton Camp SchoolGeraldton & Joondalup
2007Rockingham Holiday VilliageWarnbro Sound Wanderers
2005Bunbury Carvan ParkBunbury
2004MandurahPerth & Mandurah
2003Esperance Bay of IslesEsperance
2002Happy Days Caravan Park, King River AlbanyJoondalup
2001Happy Days Caravan Park, King River AlbanyWarnbro Sound Wanderers
2000Over the Hill Rallys till 2000Dick & Pam Hendren

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