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    Ulysses - Grow Old Disgracefully.

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    Ulysses-WA, Perth Branch

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    Rides, Socialising and lasting friendships.

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    Like scenery?

    We go there!

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    If you like to ride motocycles,

    we have a well planned Ride Calendar

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    Visit interesting places....

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    Enjoy the riding weather....

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    We enjoy a cup of coffee.

    We meet every Saturday afternoon.

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    Like to chat?

    So do many of us.

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    Technically minded?

    Get ideas from like minded riders.

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    Not a confident rider?

    No problem. Team up with someone who is.


Perth Branch Announcements

Other Information and Useful Links

Ulysses Motto: Grow Old Disgracefully

About the Perth Branch, Ulysses Club

The club offers the opportunities for over-forty-year-old men and women to get out there and show the world that we still have what it takes to enjoy the excitement that awaits every skilled rider and would be rider.

We show that we aren't ready to lay back and watch the weeds grow and then look back and wonder "could I have done better".

No, for us it is the open road and the friendship that comes with the great companionship of many others who wish to enjoy the biking way of life.

We have a social gathering - meeting at the Carlisle Hotel, 174 Rutland Avenue, Carlisle, on the last Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm (no meeting held in December).  Lots of members come early at around 6:30pm, for a meal and a chat first.

We organise rides from a designated starting point in East Perth. Check out the Ride Calendar for more details. Rides can vary from 100km to 300km, or even more. Some rides will also include an activity and some are for overnight or a weekend. All rides are planned in advance, routes are marked and everybody is guaranteed a warm welcome.

We meet for coffee and a chat every Saturday afternoon at 4:00pm, at Dome Coffee Shop, 293 Albany Hwy (corner of McMaster) (Map).

We promote safe motor cycling and increase awareness of other road users for the safety of motor cyclists.

We produce a monthly newsletter, "The Ithaca Times", available online, as well as a weekly "Flyer" for up-to-date ride information.

We have an active Forum, where we discuss items of interest.

Our Branch:

is for men and women motorcyclists who are 40 or older
organises interesting rides
encourages members to socialise
will create long-lasting friendships
provides ways in which older motor cyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
shows that motor cycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders of all ages.
draws to the attention of public and private institutions the needs and views of older riders.
has a dedicated, organised committee
is part of a large National organisation
Alf Bridle #1196 (WA's #1), started Ulysses in WA ...

Meet the 2017-18 Committee

Branch President

John Gliddon (JayGee) # 35299

team img

Email: John G

Phone: 9525 6668, 0417 945 789


Mark Dixon (Dicko) # 40152

team img

Email: Mark

Phone: 0413 820 071


Bill Westerhuis (BillWest) # 34479

team img

Email: Bill

Phone: 9378 3383

Committee Member

Keith Gamble (Chips) # 63184

team img

Email: Keith


Committee Member

John Morrison (Kurodori) # 58731

team img

Email: John M

Phone: 0415 198 183

Committee Member

Wayne Bavin (wayne) # 64693

team img

Email: Wayne

Phone: 0401 796 018

Non-committee services:

Growing old is not for pussies ...

Get our newsletters!

We have a couple of publications for you to look at.
(Click on the emblem to open).

  • Our own "The Ithaca Times", May Edition :    
    • Earlier editions available here.

  • "Riding On" National Magazine :    

You're only as old as the motorcycle you ride ...

Contact Us.

Post, 'phone or email our secretary:

Ulysses Club Inc, Perth Branch, 89 Lockhart Street, Como WA 6152.
0413 820 071