Annual General Meeting 2021

The Perth branch AGM will be held at the regular meeting time and place on Wednesday 26th May 2021. All positions are vacant and any Ulysses member(1) regularly associated with Perth Branch is welcome to nominate for the various committee positions.

A nomination form is available – PDF VersionWord Version

Please have nomination forms completed and lodged with the branch secretary, Mike Parsonage, by 22 April 2021.

Please Note:

  1. This is open to fully paid up members of Ulysses and excludes people who are facebook members only.
  2. Being a bunch of oldies, we cannot accept electronic signatures. Either:
    • Hand a completed form to the President, Secretary or Treasurer.
    • Send through the signed form to Mike Parsonage, PO Box 6812, East Perth 6892.
    • Email a scanned copy of the completed document to