Leaky radiator

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Leaky radiator

Post by BillWest » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:06 pm

On the Geraldton weekend ride I ended up with a leak in my radiator just as we arrived at Northampton on the way to Kalbarri.
Mick's suggestion to put in some "Radiator Stop Leak" paid off, and I was able to get back to Geraldton and eventually home, without any dramas.

To remove the radiator involves the removal of fairing panels, fuel tank, oil cooler, to name but a few, and it requires patience and an ample supply of uncouth words.


No corrosion, simply some wear and tear from the inside, according to the radiator guy. Perhaps some crap rattling around in that spot.


Kawasaki new radiator, $750 - $1100 US

Chinese version, $180 delivered

2nd hand from US, ~ $200

Repair: $60 AUS.
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