How to set your bike up for a trackday.

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How to set your bike up for a trackday.

Post by TheKen » Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:22 pm

This is for Barbs level 1 and 2.

1. Make it safe for yourself and for other people on the track.

2. Tires. Good condition at least 1/3 tread remaining Pressure start at F
36 R 38 if riding to the track, you can lower pressure once at the

3. Brakes. Check your pads, At least 1/3 remaining. Excessive lever
does the lever come back to the bar under hard braking. Do they need

4. Chain. Is it worn, is it clean, Adjustment is correct.

5. Levers , Grips , Pegs all good condition.

6. Fuel. Make sure tank if full if riding to track.

7. Gear. Motorcycle boots calf high. Gloves Gauntlet style.Helmet Clean
Visor clean tight fitting. Motorcycle jacket, and pants Level 1 only. 2
piece or one piece suit Level 2.

8. Food and drink on site.

9. What to expect . Group 1. Do what you are told and dont fall off.
Group 2. Watch and learn .Dont fall off.

10. Bring the Speed leave the attitude.

11. Benefits. You will be a better rider after only one session. You will be
treated like a god after you show mortals the balled up rubber on the
edge of your tires.

12. You know so many people ride bikes but they Cant Ride.
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