Tire Maintaince.

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Tire Maintaince.

Post by TheKen » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:45 pm

Tire maintenance.

1. Tire pressure. You can set tire pressure within a safe range to alter the way your bike handles and to obtain optimum tire life.

2. Lower range. R 28 psi F 33 psi the recommended pressure for Pirelli Slicks so that the tire will reach its design operating temperature of 80'C

3. Street tires. R 36 F 34 psi good for low speed around town. allows the tire to deform under load resulting in more surface area and therefore more grip.

4. R 38 F 36 Good mid range pressure for hills runs allows the tire to grip in slow corners while maintaining stability for faster stuff.

5. R 40 F 38 good for long high speed or heavy load touring. reduces deformation and heat to promote long life.

6. Check your tire air pressures and examine both tires for cuts and tread depth once a month and before a ride.

7. Replace your tires when any part of your tire shows less than 1.5 mm of tread depth

8. Dont be cheap with tires. How many times have you heard " The tires just let go " Correct maintenance and correct tire selection will provide predictable constant handling and optimal tire cost per KM.
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