Ride Guidelines

Branch Sunday Rides usually start from East Perth at 9:00am.

Arrive by 8:45am, and be prepared: alert, proper ride clothing, check bike condition, fuel tank full, tyres at correct pressure.

Riders ride within their own limits (“Ride Your Own Ride”) and observe speed limits & other rules of the road. Ride a safe distance behind the bike in front of you. The “three second rule” is a good guide for that.

Riders do not overtake the ride leader unless previously discussed with the Ride Leader.
Do not overtake anyone on the left (unless in a separately marked lane).

Tail End Charlie rides at a safe margin behind the slowest rider and indicates to each corner marker rider that they may continue with the ride.

At each turn, the 2nd rider (the one behind the Ride Leader) pulls over and signals the corner – and waits until the Tail End Charlie arrives.
Riders inform Tail End Charlie if they intend to leave the ride.

New and inexperienced riders: please ask the Ride Leader to match you with a “buddy” for the ride.

Visitors are welcome at Ulysses rides – please introduce yourself, and ask about our ride protocols.